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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I don't hear any music.
A: Click "listen". You will be taken to a Stream Licensing page where you can choose a music player.
Q: What player is needed to listen to the stream?
A: The Web Player on the Stream Licensing site works for many people. You can also choose another player:
WinAmp is recommended for Windows users, iTunes for Apple Mac users,
XMMS or Mplayer for Linux work with the Web Player on the Stream Licensing page (see the links below for other players).
If you are using Google Chrome, try the "Windows Media Player" or "Quicktime" on the Stream Licensing Player page.
Q: The playlist on the hotg.org website doesn't correspond to the song playing.
A: Click "Refresh" or "Reload" in your web browser when the song changes.
Q: I didn't finish reading the post before the song changed. How can I go back and read the post?
A: All the posts are archived on the HOTG Blog website. There is a clickable date for the archived link at the bottom of the playlist post.
The 10 songs previously played should be listed under the 'Recently Played' list.
(Not all songs have a playlist post.)
Q: Is there a mailing list or a way to post comments?
A: You can post comments on the HOTG Blog website.
Q: Is there a way to search the archives for artists or songs?
A: Not yet. We're working on that. In the meantime, try searching Google with the phrase "home of the groove" (in quotes) in the search query.
Quick Links to Common Internet Music Players
iTunes: Mac OS X, Windows 2000 or XP
Mplayer: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux Player
Real Player: Windows, Linux Player
WinAmp: Windows Player
XMMS: Linux Player
VideoLan Media Player: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux Player
Ogg Vorbis Players: Various

    internet stream contact info: radio @ hotg.org