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Amazon Links
Using the automated links to search for many of the old songs played on hotg.org is adventurous, interesting and often frustrating. Since StreamLicensing provides the links we are experimenting with them to help monetize the stream and also because there are enough positive hits on the links to make the effort worthwhile. For instance, you may find a hit on a song name that is part of a compilation with many more songs to explore.

Amazon links occur on both the hotg.org website and the StreamLicensing player page. The three Amazon links on hotg will search mainly for CDs and Vinyl. The links on the StreamLicensing player page will search mostly for digital media. Once you get to Amazon from either page, you should definitely spend some time searching for both digital and CD/vinyl results.

The links on both pages search for song name and artist. This is because a lot of the old songs were only singles. You may have more luck on both pages by taking out the song name and just searching for the artist. Or you might try searching for the album name (if any) and the artist.

In general, CDs and vinyl are more expensive than digital media. If you don't have the money for the old vinyl singles and albums, there are now many compilations of of old vinyl converted to digital media.

Be aware that the current song playing on the StreamLicensing player page is about 40-50 seconds ahead of the stream. The playlist on the hotg.org is about 20 seconds behind the stream. If you are listening to consecutive songs you should get oriented. On the hotg.org page, refreshing the page at the begining of a song may help synchronize the page with the stream.

Also, spend some time at the Louisiana Music Factory (http://www.louisianamusicfactory.com). Many (most?) of the links to the Louisiana Music Factory on the blog posts are broken. Just go to the LMF website and use their search engines.

We get a small commission on the three links to Amazon on the hotg.org web page. We do not get a commission for Amazon links on the StreamLicensing player page. We also do not get any commissions for Louisiana Music Factory links.